THE COLUMBIA JOURNAL will be publishing Susan Eve Haar's literary non-fiction story Filler.

NORTH DAKOTA QUARTERLY will be publishing Susan Eve Haar's literary non-fiction story The Beginning of the End. 





SAUGERTIES tells the story of Jen and Rog, who are celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary. She’s broken hearted over infertility, desperate to escape her life and Rog will do whatever it takes to make her happy. Twenty years later a couple not so different from the first return to the same B&B. There to scatter her mother’s ashes, they struggle with their relationship. Games become dangerous and they are forced to reveal secrets that may destroy them both.





A prosecutor on her own mission, a boy on a quest for love with a girl who can't wake up. SEX IN A COMA is a mystery thriller that explores the world of the subconscious, voodoo, and sexual awakening.

A black comedic look at the parents in Peter Pan set in the present. Mrs. Darling is a socialite and George Darling is a white collar criminal with the U.S. Attorney's office closing in. When they notice their children are missing (whom they only speak with through the intercom), they must explore their commitment to parenthood - and to each other.

A remote B&B, a despairing woman, and a husband who'd do anything to make her happy - even tampering with nature.

ACT 1 - On a dark night in a remote location in a not-so-distant future, Jen and Rog celebrate their 10th anniversary. She is crushed by her infertility, so to make her happy, he gives her a gift - a clone of herself.

ACT 2 - The same peculiar room, a couple not so different from the first. They have come to fulfill a promise neither one of them wants to keep - to scatter her mother's ashes. Lovers with secrets, they grapple to know each other. She pushes him to divulge who he really is - her mother's husband.









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